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Company introduction

Dr. Cure and Care (an ISO and CE certified company) is a trusted name in the advanced healthcare products manufacturing. So far, the company has designed, produced and marketed three main products based on the LLLT technology (Low Level Laser Therapy) that offers economical solutions for hair growth, Knee pain and multiple healing through cholesterol and diabetes controlling.

  • Laser HairGrow Device: Work on hair fall  and hair growth
  • KneePain Laser Device: work on knee joints pain due to age, weight, arthritis and sports injury.
  • Laser Hemotherapy Device : Work on controls Cholesterol, Nasal Allergies, Diabetes, Maintain heart’s health.

Since past many years researches have been done on healthcare sector. New discovery have been hit in the world of technologies. People get relief and cure from number of diseases with various medications or treatments. Similarly, a new thought has taken shape in the form of laser technologies. We have worked on these technologies for the past number of years and want to exhibit our potential in terms of health cure  and care  products.

After meticulous laboratory researches and surveys we have developed an array of products to cater to the needs of medical assistance for presently prevailing malicious diseases. These appear in our lives like pains, (arthiritis, neck/back pain), tennis elbow, carpel tunnel syndrome, cardio vascular diseases (Atherosclerosis Cholesterolemia, Lipidemia, Hypertension, Stress and Diabetes. 

Day by day, physical treatments are getting expensive, time consuming and unreachable. At the same time, there are many life-transforming technologies has entered in the market and offering millions of people a great relief from suffering ill health. LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) is one of the emerging technologies that offers great solutions. Dr. Cure and Care was inspired with these innovations and decided to design, manufacture and market the ‘Wearable Laser Healthcare Devices’ in the country.

The Laser device is one the best portable and easy to handle product available in the market today and is available at a very nominal cost with a longer life. All our products are tested and prescribed strongly bye the health expertise. These products are available online only for now.

The company is about to launch many more innovative ‘Wearable Laser Healthcare Devices’ later this year.